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SasuNaru The First Love 5 :iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 9 21
Mature content
SasuNaru The First Love 4 :iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 9 12
SasuNaru The First Love 3
Sasuke glanced over at Naruto. For some reason the blonde seemed subdued, almost like a puppy who had been scolded. It wasn't easy to tell, because Naruto seemed to have only two emotions of yet, cocky and… lifeless. Lifeless, such an odd term to describe someone, yet it fit the blonde perfectly. The blonde showed little to no emotion, even worse than himself.
He sighed, looking back at Kakashi-sensei. The lesson was about imaginary numbers and such, a topic his tutor had already educated him on. The rest of class though seemed to be struggling a great deal. Oh well, that was their fault. It was rather simple once you got the principle of the idea down, until then it was a bit difficult. Of course, judging by the questions the class was asking, it was a bit more than 'difficult' for them.
Great, nothing to do. There was still another half hour before their English test and he had already finished all of tonight's homework. He could always read, but for some reason he didn't feel like r
:iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 11 7
Mature content
SasuNaru The First Love 2 :iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 13 18
SasuNaru The First Love 1
Sasuke woke lazily to the rays of the early sun. He glared at the light for a moment, pissed that he had been awaken from such a nice dream. Sighing, knowing sleep was lost; he sat up in a ruffled but technically upright position. Pale fingers swept through his mess of black hair, pulling it back from his face for a moment before it flopped back in front of his eyes. He stared out the window, letting himself remember the dream for a moment.
It was a memory, an old one. The first time he had met Naruto. He sighed, remembering how later Naruto had disappeared within rhyme or reason, one day he just wasn't there. To be truthful he had turned cold after Naruto left. Since then he hadn't given anyone else a chance, turned extremely antisocial, especially in school. For some reason his attitude had achieved him the status of one of the most popular boys in school without him even speaking a word.
He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and walked over to the closet. After getting dress in
:iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 44 24
SasuNaru The First Love Prologue
A small boy hid in a thicket of thorns. He was curled upon himself, trying to make himself as small as possible, trying not to get torn to shreds by the thorns. Unwanted tears stained his cheeks as he remembered what had happened.
His foster parents had beaten him again, worse than ever this time. He had done nothing wrong but they still had hurt him. His wrist, which he clutched tightly in his other hand, ached, flaring up with pain every time he tried to move it. He thought it was broken, but was too scared to tell his foster parents, they would just get mad again…
"Are you okay?" a voice above him said. He let out a gasp of fear, followed by a gasp of pain as he impaled himself on several thorns.
"Careful," the voice said. He looked up with tear clouded eyes to see a boy around his age peering into the thicket.
"Do you need help getting out?" the boy asked.
He shook his head, afraid that if he talked the boy would get mad at him too.
The boy studied him closer before calling out in
:iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 19 9
SasuNaru Shadow of Nothing
"You still are blind if you see winding road
'Cause there's always straight way to the point you see"
There was no more light. There was no more darkness. There was nothing. There would always be nothing, from now on.
"You'll get used to it," his brother had said. At the time he thought it impossible, but he had.
When his vision had first started to fade he had been scared, so scared, but he had hid it well. His vision didn't fade like most, it flickered; a broken projector eating away at burning film. Days would pass and he would live in darkness, believing that this time he would forever be blind. These spells happened so frequently that when he finally did lose all sight he didn't believe it until three weeks had passed without even a grey flicker to ease his worries.
He had been blind for three years now, just having celebrated his eighteenth birthday alone. After his brother had abandoned him he had hired himself out as a secret assassin. He had turned cold and hard as ice. Even b
:iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 15 22
Mature content
Looking Through the Glass :iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 1 0
Mature content
Heartless Prologue :iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 1 0
Loveless :iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 3 4 Parenthood 5 :iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 27 46
Haunted 19
Star’s POV
My head pounded duly. My body ached. Everything hurt. I drew in a struggling breath, unable to breath out of my nose. I tried to move a hand to clutch my head, which had evolved into a wicked headache, but it was restrained. I tried to open my eyes but they seemed to be sealed shut. 
“Iggy…” I called out weakly. The words rasped against my throat, throwing me onto spasms of coughing. 
“She’s awake,” a voice said. 
I turned my head towards the noise. Cold hands touch my skin. I tried to recoil but couldn’t. I turned my head from side to side, moaning softly. I couldn’t open my eyes, I couldn’t see, why couldn’t I see? 
“Iggy…” I whispered again. Fear broke through the haze of confusion that fogged u
:iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 1 0
Haunted 18
Iggy’s POV
I had found it, I had actually managed to find Zephyr’s house in this mess of a city. It had taken all day but after finding out that he was a model it was easy. He had a freaking mansion in the middle of freaking nowhere, three miles outside of town. Damn rich people. 
Taking a deep breath I knocked on the door. A minute passed, then two, and then, voilà, the door opened! 
“Star,” I breathed, recognizing her footsteps. 
“Iggy?” she asked in shock. “What are you doing here?”
“Star, I’m so sorry!” I apologized. “I feel like a jerk and I am sorry! I knew I hurt you and…” my voice trailed off. “I’m sorry…” I looked down at the ground,
:iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 1 0
Haunted 17
Zephyr’s POV
It was raining the next day. I sighed as I waited for my little flower to wake. My mind wandered to last night, replaying the conversation between me and Max. My heart wrenched painfully and I closed my eyes. 
Socked feet padding down the hallway caught my attention and I quickly opened my eyes, putting on a smile. 
“Good morning flower.” I greeted her sweetly as she walked into the living room, rubbing her eyes and yawning.
“Hey Zephyr.” She mumbled tiredly as she collapsed face first on the couch next to me. 
“Still sleeping.” I joked. She nodded her head slightly and yawned. I laughed at her childlessness and stood up.
“I’m going to go make some breakfast.” I informed her as I walked into the kitchen. I heard a muffled replied as I started gather all the ingredients requ
:iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 1 0
Parenthood 4
Ryou opened the door. A man with star shaped hair and red eyes stood there. Ryou cocked his head to the side and stared at the strange man. 
“Who is it?” Bakura asked, coming up behind Ryou. “What the hell are you doing here?” he snarled as he saw who it was. 
“How’s Yugi?” Yami asked. 
“Fine,” Bakura said, monotone. He was still pissed at this guy. 
Yami sighed, his relief visible. “That’s good,” 
“You better be here to take the brat back,” Bakura said.
Yami laughed nervously. “About that… I have to go somewhere for a few days. I’ll be back within a week to get Yugi, okay?”
“Oh Hell no!” Bakura sa
:iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 19 67
Parenthood 3
Bakura looked at the four children who were currently tearing apart a quick meal of take out. Yugi was still asleep in the box. Bakura had decided it was probably best not to wake him. Instead he had put a plate in the fridge for Yugi. 
Bakura jumped as a small hand touched the back of his leg. He whirled around and saw Yugi standing there, half asleep. A blanket was clutched in his tiny fist; his other hand rubbed a sleepy, amethyst eye, fingers curled in. 
Bakura sat there for a moment, wondering what to do. "Are you hungry?" he finally asked. 
Yugi looked up at him with sleepy eyes. Bakura watched in horror as tears filled those amethyst eyes. 
"What's wrong?" Bakura asked quickly, hoping to divert the danger. 
"Y-Yama…." Yugi whimpered, trying to say Yami. A single tear slipped down his pale cheeks before he threw his head back, wailing. "Where's my Yama!!!!!!" 
"Shhh," Bakura knelt before the sobbin
:iconprinceoftheundead2:Princeoftheundead2 25 30
A gallery full of Fan Fictions, heart breakage, and completely soul crushing :evillaugh:

Random Favourites

Net Sucks Page 5 :icondannford:Dannford 4 0 Yugi merMAN - Redraw :iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 1 6 She Fell? :icongypsysquid:GypsySquid 31 48 Blush meme :iconscarydestiny:Scarydestiny 6 4
Merman Turned Puching Bag Turned Royal
'Why can't they just leave me alone? I'm trying to get the hang of just being turned into a merman and they can't leave me alone for one second!' Yugi thought as he swam away from Yami and Atemu. They couldn't a hint that Yugi wanted to explore. The teen looked behind him when he heard his name being called. He just rolled his big, innocent amethyst eyes as he stopped and turned. "Yes? Can I do something for you two?"
"Yes!" They both cried in unison. "We want you to not swim off and leave us to try and find you!" Yami yelled. "And we want to make sure your safe. You were only turned a few hours ago. We just want you to be careful and make sure you're at least with one of us so you're not hurt." Atemu explained… badly.
Yugi rolled his eyes again and swam away. He heard two growls before he disappeared around the corner but knew the two would be following him again in a matter of seconds. It just depended on how fast they swim. 'Jerks. I know they're both royalty but they
:iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 41 45
Yugi and the Yami
After Yami had turned back into a Prince I realized just how much I loved him, I couldn't even describe it. After a while we did have a party in celebration for everyone in the castle turning back into a human. I smiled as I saw him joking around with Joey and playing pranks on Tristan. Poor Tristan, every time he isn't looking or is doing something else he gets picked on. Although, he knows it's all in good fun with everyone. Besides, he gets them back eventually.
I found out that my love's name was Prince Atemu Akana. It was just as a handsome name as my Prince. He told me that I was his first love and that every woman and/or man came to the castle wasn't what he wanted in a lover. I felt a little jealous at that but it didn't get to me too bad, as it was in the past and not the present time. I was very glad by that fact, I was also glad that he didn't choose anyone else. He also waited until I came along, of course looking for my grandfather.
Atemu is wearing his red suit that he wo
:iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 36 9
Set Me Free?
I looked out at the city with soulless eyes. Thinking about everything that happened in the past few days.
I was kidnapped and brought to the Pharaoh. The guards told him I was stealing from the merchants in the bazaar, which is a lie since I've never gone to the bazaar without Jou or Honda. Soon after, the Pharaoh declared me his personal servant. That night he forced himself on me but stopped before the deed was done. But it was already too late, he made his mark.
"Little One?" I heard a voice call out. I sighed as I decided to ignore him and wondered if my friends were okay. Wondering if I would've still ended up here somehow if I hadn't been caught. Sun-kissed tan arms wrapped around my waist. "There you are, Little One. I was afraid you had gone somewhere."
Soulless, amethyst eyes met with caring, crimson ones. "I will always be here, my Pharaoh. All you need is ask and I will be by your side." I said in an emotionless voice. After that night he never left my side, always showered
:iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 55 48
What To Do Now That I Know
An audible 'click' sounded around the room as Yugi left the house. He turned back around and smiled before leaving it behind. The more the amethyst-eyed teen thought about Yami, the more his voice spoke about his love to Yugi in the teen's head. Yugi sighed as that's all he could think about and not which way he should go, to follow his heart. As hard as he could think, his mind would always go back to Yami. Which he had no idea why. Yami had betrayed him by leaving him all alone to go to New York with Anzu when she offered.
The day door is closed
The echoes fill your soul
They won't say which way to go
Just trust your heart

Yugi found out that he had loved Yami too. But, he regrets never telling Yami that he loved him too. The teen sighed, something he found himself doing a lot of since the crimson-eyed man left. Yugi eventually made it to the park. He smiled as he walked through the gate to the park. The best memories of his and Yami's were here. Yugi walked to the bridge wher
:iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 13 6
You... With Me... Sounds Easy Enough...
"Anzu, why can't you understand? I was only joking. You're beautiful, kind, and caring." Atem paused, listening to what his girlfriend was saying. "Now come on, Anzu. Would I really be serious if I said you were annoying? And I hated your dance moves?" Again Atem paused, obviously getting frustrated with her now that she was complaining.
You're on the phone with your girlfriend, She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
She doesn't get your humor like I do

Yugi was sitting on the bed in his room, listening to some of his favorite country music artists, Rascal Flatts and Montgomery Gentry. Of course he knew Atem was in the room over next door, with the window open, talking to Anzu… his girlfriend. It was still a bit of a touchy subject for Yugi, considering he was in love with Atem. He also knew Atem better and all his life. And since he knew what the typical argument was, he barely listened anymore and concentrated on his homework more.
I'm in the room, i
:iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 47 28
Loving Again
Yugi looked at his long time boyfriend and shook his head. Once again Atemu was flirting, though he knew it wasn't serious it still hurt. So he headed back to their house and packed some of his stuff up. Then the teen headed to the kitchen and wrote a note before he headed outside with his bags. He got into his black '67 Chevy Impala, the matching one with Atemu. The smaller headed out of the driveway and didn't look back.
When Atemu pulled up in the driveway, he noticed Yugi's car wasn't there. He went into the house that both him and Yugi shared before trying to figure out where his little one went. As he walked into the living room, crimson eyes seemed to hone in on something that was sitting on the small table sitting next to the couch.
Tan hands picked it up and crimson eyes went back and forth, reading. Atemu then looked shocked before reading it a second time, making sure he didn't mistake anything.
My dear Kkwy,
It has come to my attention that being with you may not be the
:iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 79 40
Christmas 2010: I'm There In Time
Yugi looked at the clock over on the mantle above the fireplace. The digits read 11:42 PM. He looked at his phone again. Seeing no missed calls from anyone made him a bit sad. The day was, as Ryou would put it, Christmas Eve Eve or the day before Christmas Eve.
Okay, Yugi had a best friend named Atem. And a few years ago on Christmas, Rebecca had broken Yugi's heart by calling him and telling him she didn't want to date him anymore. Then she just... hung up. It was better than just leaving a note. So when Atem, who was an archaeologist, had come back from Egypt to visit his childhood friend. Once he found out what happened he asked Yugi to go out with him. The younger agreed with a big smile on his face.
From then on he was Atem's boyfriend. The part of it was whenever he went to Egypt, Yugi would accompany him. Although...
Yugi couldn't go with him this last time. Because now that he was going to school and working his own job he had no time to go to Egypt with Ate
:iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 26 30
Valentine's Day 2011: Love Overcomes Boundaries
"Yugi!" A sing-song voice called out. "Yugi come out come out wherever you are!"
Said boy was hiding in a guest room not to far from the one calling for him. He was silently laughing. 'He'll never find me here... for some reason he always passes extra rooms up.'
The door to the room opened and Yugi let out a small squeak before before being silent again. Footsteps that were heard stopped directly in front of the closet Yugi was hiding in. The boy hid himself in the corner of the closet and prayed to Ra that the person wouldn't find him.
The door was opened and a figure walked in before looking around carefully. Then shrugging their shoulders and went back out. Yugi heard the room door being shut and climbed out of his hiding space. Sighing Yugi walked out of the closet squealing loudly as someone grabbed him from behind. "Atem! You found me! Now put me down!"
Said person laughed along with his little one and threw him over his shoulder. "I'm afraid I can't do that, little one. S
:iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 13 0
Not Even on my Worst Enemy :iconsonozaki-sharingon:Sonozaki-Sharingon 3 9
Luke, John, Matthew and that Other Guy
Pairing: Bakura/Ryou if you squint
Rating: T
Warnings/Disclaimers: Poking fun at religion, kind of. Also, quite short. YGO franchise belongs to whoever it belongs to, but the plot is mine.

"Hey, have you ever read this thing called the Bible?"
Ryou looked up as he walked in the door. "What?"
Bakura waved a book at him. "This. The Bible. I just finished reading it."
"You read the Bible? Why?" Neurons refused to fire as Ryou spluttered, "Where did you even get it?"
The thief scowled. "Malik and I went to harass Ishizu in her office, and she threw it at me." He randomly opened the book, thumbing through the pages. "It's quite the page-turner. Who wrote it?"
Ryou sank onto the barstool by the counter. "God and his underlings, I suppose."
Bakura arched an eyebrow. "Who?"
"God." Ryou began to think that he hadn't had nearly enough caffeine to have the capacity to deal with this. "You know; ruler of all, creator of mankind?"
"Which one?"
Caffeine was ever-becoming
:iconthe-cursed-daughter:The-Cursed-Daughter 5 33
Lovesick Game
Yugi sighed, trying to figure out what he wanted to do to not be so bored. He was laying stomach down on the plush carpet in the living room. The TV was in front of him, taunting him. Amethyst eyes glared at it before widening and he smiled as he got up. A cabinet sat beside the TV with all his games that he's bought. The short tri-color haired teen sat down. Intending to find a game he could play. He found one he liked and put it into the game system.
Yugi sat back down with his remote in hand as the game started up. He selected all the settings/options and started. He smiled as he started in first place. 'Mario Kart Race' was one of his favorites and a classic that he enjoyed. The race started and he had selected his favorite dinosaur, Yoshi, as his racer. Of course he had stayed in first place for the round. But then a few races afterwards he was bumped all the way to the back of the race. So now he was in last. Let's just say... you do not do that to Yugi...
With Yami...
:iconblackcattrain:BlackCatTrain 34 57


I am once again doing Nano Wrimo! (Aka, going through Hell by writing a novel in a month) So that means I am postponing all other projects till I am done. This year I'm actually submitting my novel in so I'm a bundle of nerves. This thing began at midnight on Nov. 1st. I have been writing furiously ever since (15,721!!!) I apologize to everyone because I am going to be extremely antisocial for the next little while ^^' I hope you can all forgive me once November is over.
Alright, I have to go word on my novel, peace out duckies^^
P.s. I am putting to prologue of my Novel on Da if any of you want to check it out!
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